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Community Driven. is a community driven network of software and marketing professionals
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Professionals with a track record of delivering quality on time and on budget.



US based. Meet everyone in person. Direct, transparent, effective communication.



Exceptional Value.
Competitive Compensation. brings together professionals looking for autonomy and growth with businesses seeking qualified talent.
We are a community with known and consistent values where business and professional interests align.


In a professional context, you only know people when you work with people.


Careers are built far slower than they could be, in large part due to lack of exposure and known, open, and nurtured opportunities. Once built, typical careers do not provide ownership, lack independence, and leave no legacy.

Software Development Teams

Availability of experienced talent in software development is at an all time low. Attracting people with adequate skills and retaining them is difficult and expensive. Hiring is high risk for both parties due to lack of shared working experience. And most companies do not have an active pipeline of qualified talent.


THE SOLUTION WE PROVIDE brings together professionals and businesses in a community with aligned interests and consistent values


Accelerate Your Career

Network with other professionals to connect with potential opportunities in your community.

Additional Income

Diversify and supplement your income while being exposed to new technologies and new projects.


Work how you want, when you want, and on what you want. Gain more control over your time, work, and life.


Exceptional Talent members are experienced professionals with complementary skills who work as a team.

Flexible Capacity

Scale up and down capacity based on demand to meet your business needs, budget, and growth plans.

Pipeline of Qualified Talent

Proven working relationships. Proven value. Offer full-time opportunities to anyone. No referral fees.

幸运飞行艇开奖历史记录查询、幸运飞行艇开奖号码、幸运飞行艇开奖号码查询方法 Our Mission

We believe in empowering people to pursue
and achieve their dreams.

We empower people to solve problems with technology that delights
and relationships that inspire. We are problem solvers. Join us!

幸运168飞艇精准人工计划、幸运飞行艇历史开奖结果、幸运飞行艇官方开奖历史记录 CULTURE AND VALUES

How people feel after an experience with us is our brand and the measure of our success.
We want the people we serve to feel empowered, delighted, and inspired.


Our culture is rooted in serving others. Everything else is a branch of that core value. We serve our customers, and we serve each other. In our culture leaders serve the people they lead. We empower, delight, and inspire each other before we can do that for our customers.


We say what we are going to do. We communicate our plans, align expectations, and keep others informed. We are courteous, patient, and attentive listeners. We understand that emotional intelligence is the cornerstone to successful and fulfilling relationships and careers.


We do what we said we are going to do. We deliver on our promises and commitments, and follow through with our word. We understand that consistency is essential to being a reliable and trusted partner.


Value is found at the intersection of optimal quality, quantity, and cost. We invest in increasing the quality and quantity delivered while reducing cost.


We take ownership of our work. There is no one managing us or telling us what to do, when to do it, or how to do it. We don’t wait for work. We proactively identify problems, prioritize them, and implement solutions for our clients.


168幸运飞行艇官方开奖网站、168飞艇全国统一开奖直播、168飞艇全天稳定计划 Our Members members are experienced professionals with a variety of complementary skills, including software developers, designers, dev-ops, project managers, data scientists, marketing professionals who often times work as a team to deliver elegant solutions to complex problems.

Garrett Whitehorn

Senior PHP Developer
Developer | Texas

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Benjamin Leung, BFA, MFA

Senior UI/UX Designer
Designer | Virginia

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Lauren Turnbull, PMP, CSM

Project Manager and Scrum Master
Project Manager | North Carolina

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